Gearing up for a hang out with friends or a corporate meeting, men should be dressed in spick and span. Beards play an important role in your whole personality. Trending with the stubble or total beard is what makes the difference in the look. Every man needs a modified way of shaving enduring softness and smoothness to the skin.

Braun Series 9 9290CC ShaverOwning a few well-fitting, well-made style pieces will give you an edge when making a first impression. Electric shavers have always been a part of a man’s wardrobe. There are a few of them which excel in this field especially Braun, a pioneer in electric shavers. The company was started in 1984 in Germany by a young mechanical engineer Max Braun who initially used to sell components of radio sets which was replaced by whole radio sets in the year 1929. Braun, as a brand was introduced in 1935 and the first electric shaver in 1950s with the name of S 50. In the later part, it was an independent subsidiary of Gillette which in 2005 was bought by Procter and Gamble (P&G). It continued to manufacture its electric shavers featuring ultimate lightness and smoothness. The latest Review of Braun Shavers is of Braun series 9 9290cc Shaver which holds a specialized technology for the betterment of the product.


For Braun, good design is so much more than what meets the eye. Braun Shavers Review of series 9 9290cc present five specialized shaving elements with SyncroSonic technology extending to 40,000-45,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. It checks the density with 160 times per minute coupled with the force applied wherever needed. It is one of the most efficient products tested on three day beards in contrast with the other tier brands. A titanium coating provides it all the sturdiness and resistance to corrosion making it look more beautiful than gold.


  • Best Braun shavers exhibit characteristic features like a titanium coating and a SyncroSonic technology which is totally different from the other electric shavers. This technology consists of specialized elements which help on different hairs whether it’s lying flat and growing in different directions; and adjusts the power according to the thickness of the hairs.
  • If we see a Review of Best Braun’s shavers it is world’s only 5-action alcohol based Clean and Charge station- which cleans, lubricates, charges just with a single touch.
  • Braun Series 9 Reviews tells that it is 100% waterproof as you can shave during shower as well as its durability isn’t compromised.
  • A typical dotted pattern to ensure a perfect grip with a beautiful LED display.
  • Gets fully charged within an hour and shaves for around 50 minutes.

Instruction manual which doesn’t sound exciting but it has all pictures and still some useful thing i.e., a form for the two year guarantee period if you face any problem (chances are negligible).A travel case which Braun generally provides changing its design every time.A cleaning brush with a cleaning dock which cleans and charges your hand piece at the same time.A cleaning cartridge actually a cleaning solution, which the dock uses to clean the shaver.The beautiful, shiny electric Braun Shaver series 9 9290cc.An electric charger with a flat cord.Product Dimensions: 2 x 15.7 x 15.7 cm; 5 g.1 Lithium ion batteries required (Included).Dual Voltage 100-240V – EU Socket.A Silent shaver with negligible noise.

#2 Pros

  • Travel lock.
  • Two opti-foils with perfect closeness.
  • Protective skin guards to give a smooth shave.
  • A waterproof body which refreshes you during your shower.
  • It has a five minute charging option as well for quick services.
  • A hyper-lift, direct and cut trimmer which cuts hair in all possible directions.
  • Matte and frosted finish makes Braun shavers series 9 9290cc free from fingerprint issues; moreover I feel it should have covered the sides to.

#4 Cons

  • Heavily priced.
  • Manual cleaning is quite difficult.
  • Cleaning cartridges are more expensive.
  • Plastic body which doesn’t suit a brand like Braun.
  • Gels or foams cannot be used with it as cleaning becomes tedious.


  • BRAUN SERIES 9 9290CC SHAVER ReviewThe reviews of the Braun shavers in the older series used 90xx, 9090cc, and 9093s while the ones in the newer series are 92xx, 9290cc, and 9293s. Both the models new and old ending with CC have automatic cleaning station while ending with the S do not.
  • It has a distinct Titanium Nitride coating which was blue in the older series 90xx while it is golden in the newer ones 92xx. This coating is generally anti-corrosive and has better edge-cutting
  • The Braun Shavers of old generations had a glossy finish but the newer ones have a matte and frosted
  • Another distinctive feature present among the Best Braun Shavers new series are that they have a wet and dry seal while the older ones were marketed as wet and dry or dry electric shavers.


The old and new series of Best Braun Shavers do not present a huge difference; the five cutting edges as said is actually four only two opti-foils, one direct and cut trimmer and one hyper lift and cut trimmer. The fifth one is actually a skin guard which is just a small metal piece to smoother up the shave. Yes if you are facing razor burns, have coarse and wavy hairs, or your skin is sensitive then this is the one you have been looking for. The shaving performance is excellent with a light weighted body. The construction could have been little better as compared to its competitors like Panasonic or Norelco but its effectiveness is an added factor.

Braun Series 9 9290CC

It could be an expensive affair but if that doesn’t affect you, it’s a perfect buy with all the specialized features suited for a sensitive skin or unruly hairs along with its perfect finish. This is a must buy for all those still finding hard to get a smoother shave.


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