Best Braun Shavers – Reviews & Top Picks 2018

Nothing gives the pleasure of owning a good comfy shaver designed to style yourself up. Who doesn’t love to style it up to the current trend? Braun, a subsidiary company of Procter and Gamble, is a German company that produces consumer products based on beauty care, grooming and shaving, hair care. It is based from Kronberg and was primarily a producer of fidelity sound system, slide projectors, radios, blenders and mixers. It attends to local and international customers and is widely renowned for producing Best Braun Shavers in the world. Now, De’Longhi is the company that owns the rights to manufacture the Braun products which it acquired from P&G in 2012. But ultimately, Braun is owned by Procter and Gamble (P&G).

#1 How to Choose Best Braun Shavers?

The Best Braun shavers would provide you with your shaving requirements and the best could be chosen out, when the features are studied. It must give you skin comfort with lesser surface irritation. Shavers must be adaptable to your skin with gentleness over shaving and trimming. It must provide you with the wet and dry shaving experience. This means that certain shavers only serve for dry shaving purposes without water and few others presents for shaving with water and foam. A good shaver must provide both the features, thus making it more usable for the customers.

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#2 Braun Series 9 9290CC Shaver

This Braun 9 series shaver is regarded to be the world’s best efficient and comfortable shaver with a highlight of the product being tested on 3-day beards vs. leading premium tier products. It comes in a box having the shaver, cleaning brush, clean and charge station, cleaning cartridge, travel pouch and smart plug.

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It is manufactured with a titanic coating and a silver line finishing at the end. This is done to ensure that the shaver doesn’t lose its color as titanium is highly resistant towards corrosion. It is Reliable and provides easy sideburn shaping with sliding trimmer blades through the backside. It is well known for its five action shaving elements, that helps in capturing more hair at one stroke. It is designed in such a way to read and adapt to the beard automatically. This product of Braun is priced around $324.99 or INR 20,000.

The pros of the product would be its noticeable feature of head locking from 5 angles and LED display with a charging time of 1 hour with running time of 50 minutes. The cons could be that it is louder and larger than expected with replacements hard to find. It is not advisable for travelling.

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Among the wide prevalent brands of shavers, it is true and factious that Braun Series 9 9290CC Shaver is the best efficient shaver in the world among the Best Braun shavers. It is definitely one of the best in the market. An overall rating of 4.5 could be given for the product.

#3 Braun Series 7 7865cc Electric Shaver

Braun Series 7 7865cc Electric Shaver is considered the most worthy among the Best Braun shavers. This German made product is available in the market in silver and gray colors, also available in chrome, an unusual color making it look much sophisticated and professional. This product has its name for serving as a power station, lubrication station and cleaning station.

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Having the design of interconnected cutters, even the minute hair does not go unnoticed. The head of the shaver is designed in a four way cut system – Active lift, trimmer protective, Opti foil and Skin guard. This shaver is designed waterproof and designed to go 5 meters underwater.

For the pros, it is vivid with its functioning and designed to reduce discomfort. A bit noisy and a mirage of overestimated price may come as defects in the product.

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This shaver would be more advisable for men with ingrown hair as the distinct feature of this shaver is that it reaches out to the depth of the surface of skin and trims accurately. Many people couldn’t adapt themselves to this shaver and prefer manual shavers more. However, it is a well suited reliable option, considering the other Best Braun shavers for comfort and care towards self grooming. An overall rating of 4 could be given for the product.

#4 Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Shaver

Braun Series 7 790cc Cordless Shaver is a product of the Braun 7 series that is based on the Pulsonic shaving system. It comes in a grey color with foil shaver and dignified black colored charging station. Also a well known marketing institute recently said that these Braun Pulsonic products are deemed to be “world’s number one shaver brands”. Among the pulsonic series, the previous products are available at only 390cc and 590cc, while this is the first in that series to have a comparatively high standard with 790 cc.

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It is so comfortable to handle with black rubber grips on both the sides and doesn’t slip out when you are shaving with water, foam, gel, etc. The shaver is waterproof with the facility of rinsing it in the water taps. It provides a three system customization that are basically sensitive, normal and intensive method of shaving.

The pros are determined to be well suited for home usage and attractive with low noise, while the con is that the shaver is of un-affordable price.

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The products are designed to attend to the details of the skin, after the shave and sees to it that the comfort of the user is not disturbed. It would probably be the Best Braun shavers you have ever bought.

#5 Braun Series 7 760cc-4 Shaver

Braun Series 7 760cc-4 Shaver is a goto electric shaver. It presents the user a perfect shave with 0.5mm closeness. It is most known around in the market of shavers for its shaving experience with no tugging and pulling. The dominated comb technology in the product lifts up the hair and reaches out deep to the base of the beard.

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It has a unique flat foil that covers most of the region in a single stroke with a distinct stabilized pattern of shaving. The product has a salient advantage of being available in a much cheaper price as compared to the other Best Braun shavers.

The pros of the product would be the easiness and compatible cleaning, with the cartridge changing system that could be done fast. It could be placed in the cleaning unit for cleaning as well as charging the product. The cons would be that when the shaver is used in the neck part, continuous irritation persists for quite some moments.

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The shaver provides the user with a superior quality shaving experience. It contains with itself everything that a consumer expects in a shaver and is most demanded for the price among the Best Braun Shavers series – 7. It is unarguably cheap and provides good quality performance, with no doubt that the product would reach your wash kit bag and bathroom. In short, it provides value for money.

#6 Braun Series 5 5090/5190cc Shaver

This is a spectacular shaver is the 5 series of the Best Braun Shavers and its brand. Even though it looks small, it is most demanded for its quality performance and this product easily outperforms other Braun products with its efficient shaving and trimming experience. It is considered to be the first Foil shaver brand. Also, it is the official electric shaver of the NFL.

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It is so magnificent with the experience its gives to the user and one could easily take this product as an example for the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Excluding the shaver head, the shaver is tested to last for around 7 years. With a simple metallic frame and smooth surface, this product gives the best performance making it to be most advisable among the best Braun shavers.

The pros would be the cleaning system and closeness in shaving with the cons determining the sound generated and price of the product.

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This product is an epitome of determining the craftsmanship of German manufacturers. It is so attractive and competent with its working and performance and this cannot be held back from being recommended. Even though this product comes with minor flaws, there is a huge impact on the users and serves most beneficial to regular users.

#7 Braun Series 5 5030s Shaver

The series 5 5030s shaver from Braun does not compromise on quality, performance, reliability and durability. It is highly efficient in capturing and cutting maximum hairs in minimum strokes. This electric shaver comes with Skin Sensitive technology and gives excellent comfort for the skin. It has a specialized middle trimmer called ActiLift Trimmer that helps capture flat- lying hair and comes with Multi Headlock that offers 5 adjustable angles for superior shaving.

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The shaver has a flexible head that can be moved in 8 different directions for constant skin contact. It comes with 2 SensoFoil blades that can shave as close as 0.058 mm smoothly. Besides that, it also has a small precision trimmer at the back for creating perfect beard lines. Being 100% waterproof, you can easily clean the shaver with running water. It also has 5- level battery indicator with the Travel Lock. It takes approximately 60 minutes to charge 100% and gives 45 minutes of shaving with a full charge. It also has the option of quick charge for one shave.

The Braun series 5 shaver has Auto Sensing motor for efficient shaving and reaches even the difficult areas. It comes with Multi Headlock, skin- friendly precision trimmer and 2 Senso-Foil blades, which together give efficient shaving with excellent skin comfort. The only drawback is it is slightly priced higher than other similar models.

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With this shaver you will get comfortable and painless, both dry and wet, shave. It is strongly built and thus delivers great results. It is little expensive but it is worth to spend extra money to get skin irritation- free shaving. It is effective even on the tough beard and precision trimmer is a good inclusion for perfect beard lines.

#8 Braun Series 9-9095cc Shaver

It is one of the best shavers with a hefty price tag but comes with all the features a shaver should have. It is very efficient and allows both wet and dry shave. With charcoal and dark grey body and grey and black cleaning station, this shaver is designed to attract consumers with its looks too. The series 9 shaver uses Intelligent SyncroSonic technology that gives 40,000 cross- cutting actions per minute for capturing different types of hairs on the skin.

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It comes with 5- action Clean & Charge Station that efficiently selects cleaning program, cleans, charges, lubricates and dries the shaver at the touch of a button. It also comes with Multi- Head Lock feature that can lock the shaver for efficient and precise shaving. The shaver uses OptiFoil Technology to prevent direct contact of blades with the skin. It comes with the LED display for showing battery status, hygiene indication and also Travel Lock Indicator.

It adapts to the face very effectively with its Quadruple Action cutting system. It gives a flawless and effortless close shave with its pivoting head. It is 100% waterproof and is very powerful and does it work without any noise. It takes 60 minutes to charge 100% and lets you shave for 45 minutes before it needs another charge. However, it has a large head that makes it difficult to use near the nose and also little expensive.

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It is one of the best electric shavers in the market. It has lots of features that help you give the perfect and gentle shave. It is made with all the latest technologies for electric shavers and is durable. For exceptional results, you can upgrade your shaver and improve your shaving experience.

#9 Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3050cc Shaver

The ProSkin 3050cc shaver is another shaver from the stable of Braun’s affordable shavers. In the affordable segment, this shaver comes out at the top with amazing features at reasonable price. It comes with 3 specialized shaving elements to give you a gentle shave. It shaves faster and catches more hair from the first stroke with ProSki’s Micro Comb technology. It also has an extra large precision trimmer on the back for trimming beards and shaping sideburns.

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As the 3050cc is only for dry shaving, you can also use it to shave while it is charging. In 3050cc, the “cc” stands for Clean & Charge that lets you clean, charge and lubricate the shaver in the Clean & Charge station. It is also 100% waterproof up to 5 metres so that you can rinse them under running water easily.

This shaver has pressure sensitive blades for a gentle shave and skin protection. For a full charge, it takes about 60 minutes and gives you 45 minutes shaving. It also has 5- minute quick charge for one shave. It also comes with the pop- up trimmer for adjusting the sideburns and trimming the beards.

While you can rinse it under running water, it is only dry shaver and doesn’t let you shave with a shave gel. However, it is a better shaver at this price range.

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It is a simple, affordable and reliable shaver for daily needs of men. For hygienic shaving, it also comes with a cleaning and charging station along with intelligent design and premium and efficient battery. If you are looking for a dry shaver, the.

#10 What are types of Braun Shavers?

Some of the Best Braun shaver types available in the market are listed below as follows:

  1. Series 3 – Almost all the products under this series present the same features with certain additional and distinct features. It is overall recommended for users with short and medium beards. It received a decent rating from its users and the products under this are prices at a cheap rate. This product also comes up with Proskin type and Shave & style variations. The prices for the 3rd series of Braun are ranged within 100 dollars.
  2. Series 5 – This series comes up with regular shaver and water flex shaver. The design is structured at a most attractive way and the products are easy to handle. All the products use the same model of shaver head and technology, with the distinction in features and design. It is regarded to be unfair to compare the shavers in this series with the other previous products and series. This product ranges from 100 dollars to 150 dollars.
  3. Series 7 – It is the best foil shaver in the entire Braun series. This series is updated with the Sonic technology. It is regarded to present the best features for the best price, which would be comparatively high. But it does not make any compromise in the quality and performance. The products under this series have a maximum price of 230 dollars, providing the most benefits to its customers at a qualitative output.
  4. Series 9 – The look and feel these products give to its user is simply amazing. With the most advanced features and updated technology, the 9 series is undoubtedly the best shaver in the world. These products are most demanded for its quality and efficient usage. But, great maintenance comes with great quality is a known fact. This is determined to be the costliest among the entire Braun shavers. The price comes around 330 dollars. While this may seem to be a huge price for a shaver, the experience and the work done by the product would assure your satisfaction of buying a shaver worth the money.
  5. Mobile shaver – With the advanced 2D contour adaption and handy usage, this product comes as a huge advantage during travels and treks.

Therefore, these are some of the Best Braun Shaver 2018 types present in the market presented to the customers with huge fascinating features and advanced technology.

#11 What to look for in a Braun Shaver ?

 It is obvious for a customer to look for more features and specification suiting the needs and requirements as expected by the users. So the following are some of the aspects that should be looked on in a Braun shaver:

  1. Cheap – The product must be available at a much cheaper and affordable rate. This is because the consumer should not feel cheated or unsatisfied at any point of time with the product purchased.
  2. Quality – Expecting a decent quality in low end and cheap products is nominal. But high end products like the Series 9 9290CC Shaver must provide better and extraordinary quality and performance making it fair for the amount it is purchased.
  3. Close shave – Every shaver is expected to provide closeness in the shaving experience. This means that the shaver must go deep to the roots of the beard and must trim or shave it in an efficient manner.
  4. Comfort – This is a most expected feature in every Braun shavers. Providing the necessary comfort to the users with minimal irritation and lesser skin damage. Only when the customer is comfortable with the product, would he/she recommend it to other users. A shaver must be comfortable enough, keeping in mind the health concerns of the users.
  5. Easily adaptable – The products are most easily adaptable to the shaving needs, attending the skin adaptability to the shaver. It is known that certain shavers/trimmers take a long time to adapt to the usage of the new shaver. So, the Braun shavers could be trusted with the fact that it is easily adaptable.


#12 Braun Electric Shavers

Every man wants a close shave in the least amount of time. Traditional Shavers made it difficult to perform shaving quickly. Now, with new Braun Electric Shavers, men can get the close shave they have always wanted, with convenience and ease. Men have fewer options for hair removal than women do, essentially. They can choose between Bruan Electric Shavers and Manual Shavers.

They can choose brands like Braun and Remington and Norelco. But pretty much every man who doesn’t want facial hair must shave at least every other day. The problems come when Best Electric Shavers Review don’t provide the close shave that manual Shavers do. Manual Shavers often create nicks and cuts, as they rub closely to the skin. Some men complain that the need for shaving cream and aftershave is an expensive, and oftentimes messy, process.

Thankfully, electric Shavers have advanced far beyond their earlier models. Now men can get a close shave, in a shorter amount of time, without the mess and hassle of manual shaving. There are a variety of models, colors, and brands to choose from and to consider while trying to achieve the best shave possible.

  • How Electric Shavers are Powered

Some Electric Shavers are primarily powered by batteries. Usually these have less power overall, and tend to be weaker models providing less of a close shave.

Most electric versions of shavers have a base unit which remains plugged in. They also come with a removable shaver that runs from a battery charge. Once a man is finished shaving with the shaver or razor, he returns it to its base, where it recharges its battery until it is ready for its next use.

#13 Conclusion

So, you could get to know about the different type of the Best Braun shavers manufactured by the company in this article. It would be most helpful for the readers to make their choice on choosing the Braun shavers depending on their features and usage. No single product could be recommended as an exotic commodity. This totally depends on the necessity and requirements of the customers.  More information about the products could be known in Braun’s website, Amazon, Wikipedia etc.