Braun Series 7 799cc Shaver Review – Buying Guide


Braun Series 7 799cc Shaver ReviewWe will try to illustrate Benefits of Braun Series 7 799cc over Razor with discussion  and daily observance. Ever since the production of mens electric shavers it becomes the debate to find out why mens electric shavers are preferred over razors. Of course there will be some reasons, while both shavers and razors have their own unique features. Although the comparison will be with old shavers prior of Braun series 7 799cc yet it later reveals the how Braun electric shaver Series 7 electric shavers and Braun Series 5 shavers are better.

If we begin our discussion by taking the closest shave as our objective than razors will be the winner. Razor comes in direct contact with skin giving the closest possible shave while electric shavers have thin cap over its blades. So almost all mens electric shavers don’t come in contact with skin and doesn’t gives you closest shave in comparison with manual razors. This also comes at a price though manual razors come in contact with your skins so there are chances to skin damage with wrong orientation of blades. However, electric shavers give tension free shave without any risk of damage to skin.

Braun Series 7 799cc Shaver ReviewThe next step is time of shaving, electric shavers are winner of this battle. Manual razors consume a lot of time in shaving, because of the time involved in preparation. For manual shave some kind of gel or shaving cream is employed because it’s nearly impossible to shave without gel or shaving cream. With electric shavers one can start direct in without any shaving cream or gel. So in comparison mens electric shavers could shave in just 3-5 minutes which may be from 10-15 minutes in case of manual razors.

The next criteria of judgment is easy to use apparatus. Although there isn’t any rocket science in using manual disposable razors for shave. All you need is to shave carefully by first employing gel or shaving cream. However, there are no such sort of precautions for mens electric shavers. They are designed to be used in any orientation the user wants to.

Another important factor in our discussion would be the time of cleaning of your shaving equipment. If you use manual razors for only one shave than its okay, however, it almost takes 5-8 minutes to clean back manual razor and its equipment. For water proof electric shaver time for cleaning remains almost same, however with advanced electric shaver’s like Braun series 7 799cc time of cleaning decreases to almost 0 minutes. How? Let’s see.

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Braun series 7 799cc Specification:

Braun shaver series 7 comes with all the latest specifications of manual razors and electric shavers. If you don’t agree with me than let’s read further and see the results.

Review of Braun series 7 799ccBraun shaver  series 7 reduces time of shaving with its most advanced features. Its active lift technology lifts and cuts actively flat lying patent. The feature helps user to obtain clean and close shave in just one run. While with other shavers lagging this feature, user needs to shave with pressure to cut flat lying beards and it often increases time of shaving, sometimes cause itching to sensitive skin users.


Braun series 7 799cc shaver come with latest opti foil design. Opti foil design helps to capture more beards in one run and it cuts deeper than earliest version of Braun electric shaver series. Each shaver is specially designed with small skin to cleaner distance of shaver, giving you the splendid close shave.

Shaver series 7 799cc comes with precision long trimmer. The feature helps in accurate cutting of side burns, moustache or beard than ever. Precision trimmer helps to cut precisely without pulling even a single beard.

Another prevailing feature of the series is that it has triple action cutting system with three personalization modes of cutting. Triple action cutting system helps to cut long and short hairs easily without any extra pressure in a single run. Three personalization modes of shaver assist to adjust speed of shaver according to thickness of beards and sensitiveness of skin. So even thick beards can be removed without any extra pressure with a contour adaptive shaver head with Braun Electric shavers. Contour adaptive shaver head adjusts according to facial area, giving you the closest and clean shave even on hard to reach areas of face.

Braun Shaver Series 7 799cc Pulsonic Shaver System

The most advanced feature of shavers of this series is the intelligent Pulsonic technology. It delivers almost 10,000 micro vibrations per minute to capture and cut more hairs than ever. The pulsonic technology gives you a kind of massage while shaving and delivers closest shave.

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Clean and renew system is the luxury system of Braun electric shavers series 7. Cleaning system automatically cleans or deep cleans the shaver, as it senses the level of cleaning needed to be done for shavers and displays on LCD display of shavers. Clean and renew system automatically charges and lubricates the shavers after every shave for optimal performance of shaver without any user interfere. Replaceable cartridges slide into the base of renew system, cleaning the blades of shaver. In this way also extends the life of shaver to 18 months in comparison with other shavers having maximum of life of 8 months. Clean and renew system provides 99.9% hygienic Braun electric shaver for every shave.

So these are features of entire Braun electric shaver series 7, however only Braun Series 7 799cc has extra wet shaving capability. These mens electric shavers are far better than classical shavers and almost very close to razor in clean shave. Some shavers like Braun series 7 799cc are wet dry shaver.


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