Braun Series 5 5030s Shaver Review



Find out why the Braun 5030s shaver deserves a close look if you have sensitive skin.

Braun 5030s reviewMen endure many problems when it comes to shaving, razor burns and nicks and cuts to name a few. And those problems get aggravated for those who have sensitive skin.

Enter Braun’s 5030s foil shaver from its Series 5 line-up. It is armed with modern technology and enhanced features that may be just the right solution to your shaving dilemma.

It is designed to minimize pressure on the skin while at the same time delivering awesome shaving efficiency in even the most difficult areas.

Why Choose the Braun Series 5 5030s Shaver

The Braun 5030s shaver’s skin sensitive technology is designed to give you peak performance and exceptional skin comfort.

Its AutoSensing motor analyzes and continuously adjusts to the contours of even the densest beards.

Flexible Headbraun 5030 review

The flexible shaving head can turn in 8 directions for constant skin contact and pivots at a 40-degree angle allowing you to navigate the curves of your face without difficulty.  For more precise cutting, the head can be locked at 5 different angles simply by pushing it into a different position and locking it with the head lock switch at the front of the shaver. This can be crucial when shaving tricky areas like your neck or under your nose.


Suspension Mechanism

It comes with 2 SensoFoil blades, each with its own suspension mechanism, and come with 899 unique apertures that can shave as close a 0.058mm for longer-lasting smoothness. They put out an incredible 30,000 cutting actions per minute for the closest shave you can imagine.

Specialized Actilift

The specialized ActiLift middle trimmer catches flat lying hairs and hair growing in different directions, minimizing ingrown hairs and giving you the closest shave possible.

Slide out trimmer

The Braun 5030s also comes with a slide-out trimmer for well-defined beard lines and sideburns.


It is 100% waterproof for up to 5 m so you can simply clean it under running water. It has a hygiene indicator to signify that a more intensive cleaning is required.

Lithium-Ion Battery

It is powered with a Lithium-Ion battery that takes 1 hour for a full charge with an optional 5-minute quick charge for shaving emergencies. It delivers 45 minutes of shaving time on a full charge. A battery indicator is in the handle to indicate battery status.



Why You Should Buy the Braun 5030s

The name Braun has been well-known for providing quality products made and engineered in Germany that promise superior performance without sacrificing comfort and safety for all users. The 5030s is no exception. It can give the Series 7 or 9 serious competition in terms of power, reliability, and durability.

It is highly recommended for men who don’t always shave every day but want a very close shave quickly and efficiently, and for men who have sensitive skin but prefer dry over wet shaving. You can bet you’ll get your money’s worth with this state-of-the-art shaver.

Pros for Braun Series 5 5030s Shaver

  • Less expensive than the Series 7 or 9 but performs equally well
  • Can be used even while charging
  • Designed to last for up to 7 years
  • Comes with a special cord set integrated with a safety extra low voltage power supply


  • Suitable for dry shaving only
  • Shorter battery life compared to other similarly-priced shavers
  • Comes only with a cloth bag that may not be travel-friendly

Braun series 5 5030s Shaver


Is the Braun Series 5 5030s Shaver value for money

Yes, we think the Braun Series 5 5030s Shaver is good value for money.

This shaver is designed for maximum performance and excellent skin comfort. Its ergonomically-designed contour provides for easy handling even when you use it in the shower.

Its sleek attractive color speaks of a well-crafted product that can withstand the rigors of everyday use to give you shaving comfort and convenience each and every time.



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