Braun 5040s Review

 Electric shavers in the past have not been very successful in dealing with sensitive skin, especially around the neck area. They always seem to leave the most troublesome stubble behind.

Braun series 5 5040s shaver

Your search for the right shaver for your sensitive skin may end now with the introduction of Braun’s Series 5 5040s. It is designed to maximise skin contact for an incredibly close shave yet avoid too much pressure to lessen skin irritation.

It is engineered, tested and made in Germany to give you the ultimate grooming experience Braun has to offer. This 2nd generation shaver in the Series 5 gives you a refreshing and moisturising shaving experience without any compromises in performance.

Why Choose the Braun Series 5 5040s Shaver

The Braun 5040s is equipped with all of Braun’s latest technology in shavers:  the AutoSensing motor which constantly scans your beard and adjusts to its thickness, the ultra-flexible Comfort head that moves in 8 directions and pivots at a 40-degree angle for that consistent and steady skin contact while shaving.

Less Skin Irritation

The intelligent motor reads your beard and delivers power however much or less is needed at the moment. This means fewer strokes and less skin irritation that can lead to razor burns and cuts.

5 Different Positions

The shaver head has a Multi Head Lock feature that allows you to lock the head at 5 different positions for more accurate strokes especially in the neck, jawline and nose areas.

Triple Cutting ElementsBraun 5040s shaver

Added to that would be the triple cutting elements which consist of the 2 SensoFoil blades which can shave as close as 0.058mm and the ActiLift trimmer which catches flat-lying hairs and hairs growing in different directions.

Pivoting Head

The pivoting head, with what is known as Braun’s MacroMotion technology, glides smoothly across larger facial contours while the cutting elements feature individual suspension mechanisms, tagged as Braun’s MicroMotion technology, and can respond to even the smallest facial curves as effortlessly as possible.

Precision Trimmer

It also has a Precision Trimmer that slides out for precise sideburns, goatees and moustaches, and beard lines.

Waterproof5040s shaver review

It is specifically designed to be safe for shaving with foam or gel or even under the shower. It is waterproof for up to 5 m and can be cleaned just by rinsing under running water.

Quick Charge

Charging takes only 1 hour for an approximate 50 minutes of shaving time. Like other Braun shavers, it has a 5-minute quick charge that is enough for 1 shave. It has Automatic Voltage Adaptation so no worries about charging when you go abroad.

 Pros for Braun Series 5 5040s Shaver

  • Mid-priced but above-average performance
  • A 3-level battery display lets you know when it’s time to charge


  • Does not come with a cleaning station
  • The travel pouch is flimsy and not very luggage-friendly

Braun 5040s shaver

Why You Should Buy the 5040s


A shaver that has maximum adaptability, follows contours, provides power exactly where it is needed, has an ergonomically-designed rubberised grip and boasts of superior cutting efficiency could be the one ingredient lacking in the recipe of your shaving success. The Braun 5040s delivers all that and more – top-notch performance combined with a sleek, streamlined look guaranteed to knock out all competition. Not to mention the fact that it has been lab-tested to last 7 years, this shaver will give its rivals a run for their money.

Is the Braun Series 5 5040s Shaver value for money

The Braun 5040s is a shaver worthy of a long, hard look if you want superior performance. Although its looks convey a sense of elegance, it is not just another pretty face.

Under that polished black and blue accents lies all the power and reliability you need to cut through even the densest of beards to leave you with an amazingly close and comfortable shave always.



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