Braun Series 5-590cc Shaver Review


Braun Series 5 590cc Shaver Review

#1 Braun Series 5 590cc Shaver Review

Braun Series 5-590ccIn order to deliver an optimal performance, the Braun Series 5-590cc shavers a lot of innovative technologies. For starters, it uses the only patented middle trimmer in the world. This trimmer makes shaving effortless, even for men with longer beards, as it lifts and cuts flat hairs. This ActiveLift technology is used in combination with the OptiFoil technology and a triple action cutting system. The foil is designed to capture more hair than previous models, while also comfortably cutting below skin level. The cutting system is based on 3 special cutting elements which shave both long hair and short hair with the same precision. For optimal performance, the manufacturers recommend changing the shaving head once every 18 months.

#1 Convenience

One of the main differences between Braun Series 5-590cc and other series 5 models, is the advanced 4-stage LED screen which displays the charging battery indicator as well as the shaver’s level of hygiene. Furthermore, this shaver also has a more modern Noble Metal color and a sophisticated Clean and Renew system. The shaver is also equipped with a precision long hair trimmer, ideal for sideburns, beards or mustaches.

#2 Comfort

Like it goes with all electric shavers, it takes a while for a user to get used to a new shaving system. Generally, it takes about a month for the skin to get used to a new shaver. In order to ensure a comfortable. rash free shave, Braun recommends washing your face before each shave, stretching the skin against the direction of the hair growth when shaving and holding the shaver at a 90 degree angle to the skin . Furthermore, in order to ensure a truly comfortable shave, this model features a contour adapting shaving head, which perfectly adapts even to the curves of the most problematic areas such as the neck or the jawline.

#3 Cleaning

Braun Series 5-590ccThe shaver is 100% washable and it can easily be cleaned by rinsing the shaver under running water. However, this method should only be used when traveling. The rest of the time you are better off using the clean and renew system which is way more hygienic. The clean and renew system has multiple uses as it can clean, charge and lubricate the shaver at the touch of a button. It uses an alcohol based cleaning solution which eliminates 99,999% of germs. After the cleaning process, the shaver is lubricated in order to maintain the cutting edge of the blades. Last but not least, the cleaning process leaves the shaver with a refreshing lemon scent. If you own a cleaning system from a previous Braun shaver, you should know that it will not be compatible with the 5-590cc shaver.

#4 Portability

Braun Series 5-590cc is a fully portable shaver which will make your trips a lot more comfortable. For optimal convenience, it comes with a travel pouch. If you don’t want to carry the cleaning station with you when traveling, you can clean the shaver manually with minimum effort.

#4 Charging

This shaver is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery which does not suffer from the memory effected caused by repeated charges. The shaver comes with a special cord set that features an integrated safety extra low voltage power supply. It takes one hour for the battery to fully charge. A full charge offers about 45 minutes of shaving time.

#5 Warranty & Durability

Braun shavers are not only efficient, but also very durable. This particular shave comes with a two year warranty. However, upon reading various customer reviews, we discovered that the cutting edge of the blades is almost gone after one year of use (not 18 months like the manufacturers state).

#6 User Experience

Braun is a leading name in the electric shaver industry. With over 40 years of experience in the shavers and razors market, Braun perfectly understand’s men’s needs in terms of shaving. As such, it is no wonder that the Braun Series7 790cc Shaver is considered to be the Best Electric Shaver of the moment. In fact, all Series 7 shavers are incredibly efficient. However, these shavers cost over $$$. If that is a little out of your reach, you should aim for the next Best Braun Shavers, which are the Series 5 shavers. Among these shavers, the Braun Series 5-590cc seems to benefit from a higher customer popularity, so we thought it was about time we gave it a closer look. After all, it only costs, and at first sight, it seems to be quite efficient.


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