Braun Series 7 Review


Braun series 7


One of the best shavers on the market is the Braun series 7.  To make your decision on which is the Best Braun Shaver, we have compiled a list of the best electric shavers from Braun. This article will serve as your Braun Series 7 Review.

Braun Series 7-760cc- 4 Shaver

best braun shaver

This super attractive black and silver, sleek designed shaver works as good as it looks Known for giving a clean, smooth shave, this shaving unit is one of the best in the list as it adapts to the density of your beard.  It is able to shave the flat lying and unruly hairs that are hard to get without the shaving rash.  Although it is a heavier unit, it delivers a close shave with little to no skin irritation.

This shaver has been updated to the Series 7 7865cc shaver but is still available for purchase.

A waterproof shaver that comes with its own clean and charge unit.  A great men’s shaver that is good value for money.

braun series 7 review


Braun Series 7-790cc Shaver

Braun Series 7 790cc

The Braun series 7 790cc shaver is arguably the best electric shaver.  It could also hold the title of being the most sold electric shaver.

Like most Braun series 7, this shaver gives a very close, smooth shave.  However, there are a couple of features that you might not find in other shavers.

The head of this electric shaver has 3 trimmers.  Two are called “Optifoil” while within those two is another called “Activelift”.

This is what sets it apart.

To explain, the Optifoil trimmer helps the shaver cut more facial hairs in fewer strokes while the Activelift cuts out short and in-grown hairs.

The head of this shaver is quite flexible and adaptable and can swiftly move around the contours of your face and head.

Another feature is that it comes with an alcohol based Cleaning and Charging Dock (790CC) which can kill up to 99% of the germs with a touch of a button.

This Braun series 7 has been around for many years and continues to grow in popularity.

An easy to use shaver that is comfortable in the hand.  Waterproof, cordless and quiet.  This is a great value for money shaver.

braun 7 790cc


Braun Series 7 740S Shaver

Braun series 7 Shaver review

Braun series 7 740S Shaver comes packed with 3 different technologies – Sonic, Activelift and Optifoil.  This ensures the shaver captures each hair follicle and cuts it close to the base ensuring a clean, smooth shave.  It shaves quickly with little effort.

The “S” after 740 means it is a stand alone unit – no Cleaning and Charging Dock.  I have a Braun series 7 shaver with a cleaning dock.  I mostly just dust it and wash it under running water when needed.  A cleaning dock is not an essential part of the shaver.  Your choice.

It has an LED battery indicator and personal adjustment buttons on the side.

This shaver has been undated to the Series 7 790cc but is still available for purchase.

This is another great value, easy to use shaver from Braun.

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Braun Series 7 7865cc Shaver

Braun 7865cc

A must review is the  Braun series 7 7865cc shaver.

If you appreciate quality and style, then this is the Braun shaver for you.

The 7865cc comes with 5 personalized shaving modes which allows you to adjust to your skin type and shaving style.  It also automatically adapts to your facial features ensuring a clean, smooth shave.

The shaver unit includes the Cleaning and Charging Dock, cleaning cartridge, brush, smart plug and travel pouch

With Active Lift, Trimmer Protective, Skin Guard and OptiFoil, this shaver is all that you need to have the safest, cleanest and quickest groom to have a rocking day.

Another great value, easy to use shaver boasting the latest technology from Braun.

braun series 7


  • Works well with Soft Beards
  • Gets Hairs Pressed Flat Against Your Skin Very Well
  • Attractive And Accurate Charging Level Display
  • Retains Shavings Better Than Earlier Models
  • Quieter Shaver
  • When Travelling You Have The Option Of An Ac Adaptor, No Need To Carry The Charging /Cleaning Dock.
  • Pop Out Trimmer Not As Wide As Previous Models
  • Trimmer Has Odd Angle (Hard To See Where You’re Trimming)
  • Shaver Is Hard To Hold Firmly In your Hand
  • Unnecessary Cleaning Solution
  • Travel Case Holds Shaver Only, Not Charging Cord
  • The Cleaning Base Takes Up A Lot Of Space On Countertop



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