Braun Series 9 9290cc Review


BRAUN SERIES 9 9290CC review


You will see in this Braun Series 9 Review about the 9290cc shaver why this shaver is a premium product.

Braun Series 9 reviewOwning a few quality, well-made style pieces will give you an edge when making a first impression. Electric shavers have always been a part of a man’s wardrobe. There are a few shavers which excel – Braun series 9 is a pioneer in electric shavers.

For Braun, good design is so much more than what meets the eye. Braun Shavers Review of series 9 9290cc present five specialized shaving elements – with Sonic technology – extending to 40,000-45,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. It checks the density 160 times per minute coupled with the force applied wherever needed.

It is one of the most efficient products tested on three day beards compared to other brands.

The titanium coating gives this premium shaver the luxury look it deserves.


Braun series 9 review highlights the 9290cc shaver’s features with a stylish titanium coating and has SyncroSonic technology which is totally different from the other electric shavers. This technology consists of specialized elements that help cut different hairs whether they’re lying flat and growing in different directions.  It adjusts the power according to the thickness of the hairs.

It is world’s only 5 action, alcohol based Clean and Charge station- which cleans, lubricates, charges just with a single touch.

Braun Series 9 is 100% waterproof – shave in the shower and rinse the shaver under running water.

There is a dotted pattern to ensure a perfect grip with a beautiful LED display.

Gets fully charged within an hour and shaves for around 50 minutes.

This shaver comes with a cleaning dock which cleans and charges your hand piece at the same time, cleaning cartridge, cleaning solution, electric charger with a flat cord, 1 Lithium ion battery and travel case.  Dual Voltage 110-240V – EU Socket.


  • Travel lock.
  • Two opti-foils with perfect closeness.
  • Protective skin guards to give a smooth shave.
  • A waterproof body which refreshes you during your shower.
  • It has a five minute charging option as well for quick services.
  • A hyper-lift, direct and cut trimmer which cuts hair in all possible directions.
  • Matte and frosted finish makes Braun shavers series 9 9290cc free from fingerprint issues; moreover I feel it should have covered the sides to.


  • Manual cleaning is quite difficult.

Why buy BRAUN SERIES 9 9290CC shaver

The old and new series of Best Braun Shavers do not present a huge difference. The five cutting edges are two opti-foils, one direct and cut trimmer and one hyper lift and cut trimmer. The fifth one is actually a skin guard which is just a small metal piece to smooth  the shave. Yes..if you suffer razor burns, have coarse and wavy hairs, or your skin is sensitive then this is the shaver you have been looking for.

The shaving performance is excellent with a light weight body.

braun series 9 9290cc

Final note about Braun Series 9 review

The Braun Series 9 Review about the 9290cc shaver showcases a premium shaver that advertises itself as “the world’s most efficient shaver”.  I think they are right.

The shaver manages to capture all facial hair growing in all directions, thick and thin.  It’s easy to handle and feels balanced in your hand.  It gives a smooth, clean shave without any skin irritation.  It’s waterproof and offers a wet and dry shave.

It looks good, feels good and is a first class shave.

It’s the perfect buy with all the specialized features suited for a sensitive skin or unruly hairs along with its perfect finish. This is a must buy for all – I don’t think you’ll get a smoother shave.


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