How To Clean Your Braun Beard Trimmer



Cleaning your Braun Beard Trimmer is very important.  Keeping the trimmer clean is going to help reduce the chances that the trimmer is going to malfunction and increase the performance of the trimmer, helping to trim more effectively in a shorter period of time.



First thing to do is to read the manual for your beard trimmer because in most cases it says how often your trimmer needs a detailed clean.

 Caring for your Braun beard trimmer

  • For ease of use, choose a waterproof beard trimmer. This way, the trimmer or groomer can be easily washed under the tap to remove any of the excess hair that can affect the performance.
  • Choose a trimmer with a fully enclosed design. Water and hair that enter the components of the trimmer can affect the performance and even damage the trimmer – and trimmers that are not enclosed should be avoided.
  • Follow the cleaning instructions. Every groomer and trimmer has different cleaning instructions that are going to increase the performance of the trimmer and these instructions should be followed accordingly.braun beard trimmer
  • Clean the hair from the groomer regularly. Hair can cause the blades of the groomer to malfunction and should be emptied regularly. To remove the hair from the groomer it’s important to use the brush without causing the hair to build up and clump in the components – avoid using water unless recommended in the cleaning instructions.
  • Remove all components of the groomer including the blade guards, tips and accessories to clean between the blades using the tools provided. This will create a better clean and restore the performance of the cleaner.

How often should you clean the beard trimmer?

Using these tips while cleaning the beard trimmer can increase the performance of the trimmer – but how often should you empty and clean the beard trimmer? The beard trimmer should be emptied and cleaned an average of once every four to six uses, depending on the amount of hair that has been removed from the body and the coarseness of the hair that is being trimmed.

Following these guidelines, the trimmer will have to be replaced less often, saving you money on the cost of grooming.

There is also one little trick how you know when your trimmer needs detailed cleaning: if your trimmer gets hot very quickly (after few minutes of use) it definitely needs a clean.

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