How to clean and look after your Braun shaver



Here we go through a step by step guide on cleaning a Braun shaver.

Braun Clean and Charge Station

The Braun Clean and Charge Station is known as the “Fountain of youth” for your shaver!  At a touch of a button it hygienically cleans, charges and lubricates your shaver giving you a clean shave every time.

This is how the Braun Clean and Charge Station works.

How Braun clean and charge station works


Advantages of the Braun Clean&Charge Station


With a touch of a button your Braun shaver is cleaned, charged and lubricated.  Very convenient for the busy man.  The station automatically works out when your shaver was cleaned last.  It then selects the best mode to efficiently clean your shaver.


Avoid skin irritation with the regular cleaning the Braun Clean&Charge Station provides.  Experience a clean shave every time.  Cleaning your shaver regularly keeps the blades sharp for a close shave.


Regular use of the Braun Clean&Charge Station will keep your shaver blades in top condition.  This will ensure ultimate performance.  Let your shaver do the work for a clean, close shave to look your best.

Manually cleaning your Braun Shaver

Most Braun shavers can be rinsed clean quickly under warm running water.  Using a small amount of liquid soap will improve the clean.

cleaning a braun shaver

Alternatively, use the cleaning brush that came with your shaver.  Remove the cutter head and brush the cutter block with the cleaning brush.  Once done, turn on the shaver for a couple of seconds.  Do not clean the cutter foil with the brush.

You could also use a cleaning spray.  The spray also helps remove traces of sebum – your skin’s natural oil.  Spray both cutter parts and then rinse under warm running water.  Any residue will be easily removed.

Use a drop of oil on the cutter block occasionally for optimal care.


For optimal performance, replace all cutter parts – blades and heads – every 18 months as they will wear out.  A sharpened knife cuts easier – same with your shaver blades.

For a smooth, close shave clean your Braun shaver regularly and replace the blades.


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