Clean Shave With Braun Shavers



Get a clean shave with Braun shavers.  Braun are the industry leaders with their quality electric shavers that give a clean, close shave with minimal irritation.

If you are looking for a foil shaver for a clean shave, Braun Shavers are the most respected brand on the market.  Braun has developed 4 different series of electrical shavers that satisfy any grooming need and suit any budget.

Clean shaveBraun Series

The Braun Series 9 is the most luxurious electric shaver you can buy.  Using the latest technology and sporting a titanium trimmers this shaver does the job effortlessly.  It captures more hair in less strokes giving an exceptionally clean shave.

The Braun Series 7 offers 5 personalised shaving settings which allows you to adjust the shaver to your personal skin type.  With precision trimmers the shaver automatically adapts to your facial contours easily shaving those hard to reach places.  Our top pick for a clean shave that is excellent value for money.

The  Braun Series 5 is a good, value for money shaver that delivers a clean shave with minimal skin irritation.  A waterproof shaver that has a autosensing motor giving an efficient shave in each stroke.  The less strokes – the less skin irritation.  A good, all purpose shaver.

The Braun Series 3 shaver is a basic model with a very affordable price.  The Proskin model does offer a clean shave using Microcomb technology.  That is, it shaves more hair with less strokes so less shaver rash.  It is a waterproof shaver, however, it just doesn’t have the same ‘gusto’ of the other Braun Series.  If you want an electric shaver that is a ‘back up’ to your razor or you are short on cash, I would recommend this model.  It is a good shaver, not a great shaver, for Braun standards.  If funds allow, purchase a Series 5,7 or 9.

Braun Clean and Charge Station

The Braun Clean and Charge Station does just that with a touch of a button!  This is one of the best convenience features from the German manufacturer.

The cleaning station has an alcohol based cleaning solution cartridge that hygienically cleans your shaver.  It then automatically lubricates the blades to ensure the precision performance of the blades.

Whilst it is automatically cleaning your shaver it is also charging.  An hour to charge your shaver fully and this will give you about 40-50 minutes of shaving time.  For most men this equates to using the cleaning and charging station about once a week.

This automatic station is worth it’s weight in gold for the convenience alone!

You will notice the letters “CC” after all Braun shavers that have the cleaning and charging dock as part of the unit.

Refill cleaning cartridges are available to purchase here.

Braun Electric Shavers

For the Braun Electric Shavers  where cleaning isn’t automated you’ll have 2 selections here.

Braun series 3 review

After a shave you can simply wash off the spent hairs with water, and you are done.

You may also just brush off the foil area with the cleaning brush that’s provided.

Just ensure that you keep the shaver clean from hair and debris on a regular basis for optimal use.

The Braun Shavers that do not come with the Cleaning and Charging station will have the letter “S” after the model for “Stand alone”

Final Thoughts on a Clean Shave

All Braun shavers give a clean shave.  The technology applied to all Braun Series shavers means that more hair is cut with a single stroke giving a close shave with less skin irritation.

You’ll find that any model of the Braun Shavers you buy will be a deserving addition for your grooming.


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